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bakery Bath

About Basil's Bakery

An independent family run, open craft artisan bakery in Bath!

Everything is freshly baked daily in full view of customers. Mixed, shaped and baked here!

We are a family business, started trading on 12th of May 2021!

While we  are a new bakery we have a long history of baking before we moved to the UK. Basil used to have 2 bakeries in Greece, Thessaloniki, where we are from, and moved to UK 9 years ago.

The Story Continues

Everything is freshly baked daily in full view of customers.

High quality and healthy ingredients are the foundation of our business with an exciting range of handcrafted baked goods, artisan breads which will draw upon our Mediterranean and English experience.

A key part of our bakery is the aroma of freshly baked bread as you enter the premises. Mixed, moulded and baked here.

Our breads are all made from scratch with local flour and a lot of love!

We have a variety of breads, sourdough, ciabatta, baguettes, white tins, harvester, wholemeal and our popular Olive bread and Greek brioche!

Our friendly team will always do their best to help you.

Basils Bakery Bath
Basils Bakery Bath

Come and say hello!

Basils Bakery Bath

Basil's Bakery is situated on the beautiful River Avon. The track running a long the river is perfect for a walk, exercising your dog or enjoying a bicycle ride with friends.

We offer a range of perfect picnic products and refreshing drinks, all made freshly on site by our team of skilled bakers and wonderful front of house staff.

And don't forget to bring your furry friend. We are a dog friendly business and stock treats for them as well.

We look forward to meeting you soon, and sharing our love of baking with you.

Basils Bakery Bath
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